Push & Pull Powerlifting

Power Lifters 2016

Charlotte Thomas, Sarah Pearson, Leslie Thomas, Ionut Timis, Rex Thomas, Don Coates, Gary Croft, Kevin Maher, Chris Jones, Sam Chesney, Angela Harrison, Sean Blackburn, Lisa Bullock, Darren Collett, Terrence Chui, Adam whittington, Kay Burton, Richard Cooper, Tania George, Luke Newland, Scott Thomas, Oliver Davis, Beth Lovett, Brodie Marshall, Charlie Wilson, Paul George, Paul Beckford, Andreas Csiszar, Matthew Csiszar, Mirza Zia, Simon Norcup, Kirk Dean, Joe o Flannagan, Charlotte Docker
Powerlifting  Push/Pull  is a strength activity that consists of attempts at a maximal weight .

The sport evolved from a sport know as “Odd Lifts ” which followed the same format but also used a wider variety of events .

The roots of Powerlifting stretch back as far as the Greek and Roman times ,the sport originated in the UK in the 1950s.

The lifters best valid attempt on each lift counts towards the competition total .For each weight class the lifter with the highest total wins .

PUSH. ( Bench Press )

With his/her back on the bench the lifter takes the loaded barbell at arms length lowers the barbell to the chest and presses it back up to full arms length.

PULL. (Deadlift )

The lifter grasps the loaded barbell which is resting on the platform floor .The lifter pulls the weight up off the floor and assumes an erect position with the knees locked and shoulders back .

We will welcome World , European and British championships at this event .